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TEXTILE TRANSPORTER is an artist-initiated and textile-based exhibition project between England/Germany and Berlin in June 2007 – curated by Renata Brink and Caryn Simonson. The show is stimulating new work on the theme of transporting textiles either conceptually and/or literally by inviting artists to submit work on themes that might arise out of this title. Nine positions of work are shown in an expanded sense of textile materials – the works are looking at textiles from diverse angles like art, science or history and they are embedded into a field of art production and contextualization.

Work is embracing both serious enquiries and playful interpretations of the theme. Since the 1960s particularly ( e.g. Franz Erhardt Walther, Eva Hesse) with another peak in the 1990s (examples include Tracey Emin or Rosemarie Trockel) textile material is very present within the arts.


TEXTILE TRANSPORTER is showing some contemporary works in 2007 and positions this primal material into the centre of discourse and discussion. The exhibition does not aim to give an overview but rather is a project in flux which is facilitating debate through setting off work against each other and also takes the difference in starting points into account.

TEXTILE TRANSPORTER makes reference to the inherent qualities of textiles such as lightness and pliability: something very small may be unfolded into something quite space consuming; textiles as a material full of historical and contemporary references – enabling travel between time, space and place; –˜messy' in a Freudian sense, ephemeral and gendered. –˜Textile transporter' also plays on the gallery's name, arttransponder.

Themes within the exhibition might include:

–¢ Transportation of ideas from one place to another – Berlin/England
–¢ Use of nomadic, light and pliable material between two places – flat-     pack, foldable, stretch, expanding works
–¢ Objects or processes that –˜transport'
–¢ Migrant textiles – internet works, cross-cultural investigations/uses, collaborative performance/making
–¢ Interdisciplinary work that transports methods, processes and ideas from one discipline to another e.g. fusions between science and textiles, technology and textiles, art and design
–¢ Work that transports historical references into the contemporary or focuses on –˜futures' and innovation (sustainability and textiles, transdisciplinary work, recycling)
–¢ Networking/Net-working

Narrative, decoration, ornament, irony, gender, high&low, copying, the ephemeral, femininity, the concept of the abject, space and the body are further points of an issue-based discourse supporting TEXTILE TRANSPORTER.

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