Jellibelly___Käthe Wenzel/Lisa Glauer

Jellibelly - Belly (ego) stroking Service

Exhibition/Performance/Interactive Installation/Talk

by Käthe Wenzel und Lisa Glauer


Opening: 30th Mai 7pm

Exhibition: 31st Mai till 27 June


The Jellibelly Bauchpinselmaschine (bauchpinseln =belly stroking = ego stroking in German) is used for ego-stroking. Belly-stroking creates a sense of well-being and enhances a user´s self-esteem and confidence.

The Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine is a device which optimises business development, self-confidence and esteem, aids in developing excellent customer service, while maintaining and supporting a highly constructive working atmosphere within your team.Traditionally, belly-stroking has always involved cumbersome attention to interpersonal details and legwork.

Now, for the first time, the newly developed Jellibelly Belly-Stroking Machine allows for the flexibility of an individualistic opinion independent of all power structures while guaranteeing continuous high quality mechanical ego stroking where necessary and appropriate. The Jellybelly Belly-Sroking Machine provides the opportunity to maintain and develop new and improved ego-stroking standards. A team of three belly stroking service-people apply the device to

a) persons in positions of power or at high income levels in order to acquire commissions, jobs, or cash;

b) persons in precarious job situations or on the dole, whose self- esteem and confidence may have suffered due to their working conditions and economic disadvantages.


We suggest implementing the Jellibelly Belly Stroking Machine in order to successfully acquire highly paid commissions, and/or to alleviate depression caused by a stressful working environment, financial problems, and the compulsion to be permanently available for work. Based on peoples reactions, a free standing version is being developed, making it possible to save expenses by reducing the service personell.

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