Fotos by Kerstin Karge and Tatjana Fell


Postcolonial Literature /  Film /  Dance

Opening: Sun / 26 April / 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 30 April to 24 May
Finissage: Sun / 24 May / 7 p.m.

Book Reading: –žPlantation Memories–œ - short stories of everyday racism intercalated with the visual work of the dancer - by Grada Kilomba
Her literary work is a combination of academic writing and lyrical narrative, approaching remembered stories of slavery, colonialism and episodes of everyday racism. (in English)

–žIn–œ  - poetic event on memory and resistance, combining theory, prose, film and dance - by Ricardo de Paula
His choreography explores the body and the transatlantic experience. (in English)

We are a group of artists and scientists living in Berlin who are
currently working on the production and implementation of various
artistic projects dealing with the themes nationality, peer group
affiliation, migration and identity. A special focus is thereby placed on
the perspectives and voices of People of Color and people who
simultaneously have different national or cultural backgrounds, leading
to their being placed outside the imaginary borders of Germany by the
dominant white-german culture. This leads to their being constructed as
We describe these people, to whom we ourselves belong, as
Meta-National, because for them, the search for an identity oftentimes
goes way beyond a construct of nationality. Building on this, we
challenge the German public to engage in a metanational search for
identity. How does the penchant for construction of difference manifest
itself in the world of art and cultural production? How are taboo themes,
like racism and white dominance, excluded, and what other historical
ideas are left out of this world? Who is doing the gazing, how and at
whom? What counts as culture for the mainstream and who can make
themselves be heard therein? We are interested in making visible
perspectives of People of Color and Meta-National people in their
heterogeneity. Through critical interventions within and outside artistic
institutions. Through questions commentaries, images and voices.  



a project by Metanationale: Sandrine Micosse, Dörte Fischer, Pablo Hermann, Lisa Glauer, Steffen Krüger, Yune Ji Kim, Branka Pavlovic, Zoltan Kunckel

Guests: Grada Kilomba, Ricardo de Paula

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