About us

From 2004 to 2015 arttransponder provided a platform for discussions and exchange focussing on interdisciplinary, site specific, participatory and temporary art practices.

Our emphasis was art which integrated the complexity of production, presentation and reception, as well as located itself within and links to current discourses and theory.
Intention was, to broaden definitions and parameters of art production and its operating system and challenging common modes of practice and presentation. Therefore we maintained an active exchange with international artists, initiatives, scientists and theoreticians.

arttransponder developed and organized art projects, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures, talks and panel discussions on the interface to architecture, science, natural science, theory and politics. Our events took place decentred and central.
Founded in 2004 as artist collective, arttransponder operated between since 2005 and 2015 additionally as a non profit organization.

This website now is kept as an archive to keep the work and discourse  accessible to the public. We hereby thank all artists, theoreticians and supporters who made arttransponders work possible and rich.

arttransponder developed and organized

  • international art projects and artist presentations, exhibitions, lectures, discussions and workshops with focus on experimental, interdisciplinary, socio-political & cultural research
  • projects and discussions with and between artists who integrate contextual reflections into the work, are working in the public space or produce work in the public realm
  • the research of art practices being in direct relationship with theory
  • participatory art projects within different social contexts
  • active exchange with theoreticians, scientists, scholars and other interested persons whose contributions are of interest to contextual art practices
  • the development of projects for art mediation that involve innovative   methods beyond monological tours, involving the aspiration to evolve individual artistic positions
  • initiates and supports artist networks and the creation of a network of independent art spaces, development of opportunities for exchange between artists and art initiatives
  • active exchange and collaboration with national and international projects and institutions supporting the purpose of the organization or pursuing similar goals
  • publications reflecting the work and projects


Since 2009 arttransponder is an active member of Netzwerk unabhängiger Projekträume und -Initiativen Berlin www.projektraeume-berlin.net

We support the activities  of Haben und Brauchen ToHave and ToNeed

and the activities of Freie Szene Berlin www.berlinvisit.org





>>>arttransponder office | archive | satellite projects >>> Soldiner Str. 92


2015 - 2010


INTERNS: 2013 Ana Elisa Estrela Ferreira, 2011 Susanna Mondrego Ruiz,

2011-2010 Belén Saiz Alonso

HOSPITANZ: Marwa Helmi (Oktober 2013), Raja Bounouh (April/Mai 2013), Archana Prasad (Februar 2011)

KURATORIUM : David Waite, Tatjana Fell, Seçil Yaylalı



>>>arttransponder Project Space >>> Brunnenstrasse 152


2010 June-2005
ART DIRECTORS / PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Tatjana Fell (2005-Mai 2010), Lisa Glauer (2005-Mai 2009)

MANAGEMENT : Tatjana Fell

ASSISTANTS: 2011 Dorothea Carl, 2009-2011 Kerstin Karge, Martyna Starosta (2010), Carsten Horn (2008, 2009), Miriam Österreich, Vlad Morariu, Darija Kosic

INTERNS: 2010 Maria Léon Barquero, 2010-2009 Juan Manuel Magan, 2009 Viviana Alcalde, 2008-2007 Miriam Österreich, 2007 Carsten Horn, 2007-2006 Darija Kosic

CURATORIAL BOARD: 2011-2010 Juli: Tatjana Fell, Monika Sztranyay, Seçil Yaylalı, Kerstin Karge (2010), David Waite

2010 Mai-2005: Tatjana Fell, Lisa Glauer , Anna Zosik, David Waite
external member for project grants: Prof. Renata Brink (2007-2010)



1st HEAD OF BOARD arttransponder e.V.  David Waite



Constanze Eckert, Tatjana Fell, Lisa Glauer und Anna Zosik

arttransponder has been financed through the support of private donations and membership fees as well as single project funding.

art context dialog mediation
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Do 12-17 ׀ Fr/Sa 14-19
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