VIDEO FORUM - Staging the Border

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Opening: Wednesday
, 17th February, 7pm
Short exhibition:
18th February - 6th March

Presentation of the works  "Border Crossings" by Farida Heuck and "DMZ Embassy" by Farida Heuck and Jae-Hyun Yoo

"Border Crossings":
In the year 2000 more than 1.000 women from more than hundredtwenty countries came to Hannover on the occasion of the International Women International University. Farida Heuck asked some of them about their experiences passing the German passport control. The spectrum of answers shows how much the visibility of borders within the European Union depends on the standpoint of the person.

"DMZ  Embassy":
Farida Hueck and Jae-Hyun Yoo travelled to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea in order to investigate the social, political and economic movements within this border area and the effects on everyday life brought about by the division of the country. Concealed within ist interior is a landscape which describes the day-to-day situation of the Korean border area by means of videos and fragment of sound. The interior zone can be seen through spy-holes - a reference to touristic trips to the DMZ.Even with the many telescopes set up along the border, the view over to the other side remains a –žblank spot", far away from any reality. Polyphonic play-backs of interviews with local inhabitants and players who are confronted with the border day in day out in their lives present the variety of existential realities occurring. These various points of view illustrate how borders in general function. At the same time, the particular specificity of day-to-day dealings with the last border of the Cold War becomes tangible.

Accompanying hand-book, compiled by the artists:
–žDMZ Embassy - Border Area Active Interspace, Verlag bbooks, Berlin 2009, 12 EUR, ISBN 3-933557-98-4;
In German and Corean

Other projects by Farida Hueck
Jae-Hyun Yoo is a member of the artist collective Global Alien.

Film analytical workshop: 2nd and 3rd March, 4-10 pm, (will be held in English)

"Europe's Antivirus-System"
- In/Visibilities of Border and Migration in Film

A project by Martyna Starosta

If there is a political dream of the border today, it is like anti-virussoftware: constantly scanning traffic, identifying threats, quarantining, disinfecting and silently isolating risks so that all those flows which we are told to value can continue to circulate and proliferate. A technology which, because the –žthreat" is constantly morphing, must achieve a condition of permanent updating.
(Wiliam Walters in conversation with Marion von Osten, Genealogies of control, project migration)

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