An Architektur 19-21

Community Design. Involvement and Architecture in the US since 1963*
Projects / Texts / Public Interviews

Design Assistance, Community Building, Hands-On Experience, Social Equity Planning, Self-Help Housing. The radical democratic context of the US Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s inspired advocacy planners to politicize the field of architecture by working for groups in society who were previously excluded from planning processes. Their legacy has had an impact on a variety of Community Design Centers which have widened and professionalized this socially committed approach.

Issue 19 Projects:
Projects and descriptions of more than 50 historic and contemporary Community Design Centers and organizations, among others: ARCH (The Architects Renewal Committee in Harlem), The Real Great Society, TAR (The Architectsí Resistance), Hamer Center for Community Design, Hester Street Collaborative, Gulf Coast Community Design Studio

Issue 20 Texts:
Contributions by Paul Davidoff / Lisa R. Peattie / Frances Fox Piven / Saul Alinsky / Mary C. Comerio / Henry Sanoff / Kathy Dorgan / Roberta Feldman / Cheryl Doble / Peter Aeschbacher / Anthony W. Schuman

Issue 21 Public Interviews:
Talks on "Consensus, Equality, Experts and Good Design" (Roberta Feldman, University of Illinois, Chicago / Henry Sanoff, North Carolina State University, Raleigh) and "Education, Pluralist Planning, New Institutions and Language" (Damon Rich, Center for Urban Pedagogy, New York / Michael Rios University of California, Davis)

An Architektur 19-21
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