The New Life Berlin Festival has three central concerns:
1) Transnational Communities,
2) Artistic Social Responsibility and
3) Participation and Intervention
OPEN DIALOGUES is a writing programme that aims to meet the challenges of writing about art that is live, participatory and transformative.

Over the course of the New Life Berlin festival, OPEN DIALOGUES has created a community of writers to develop a new model for critical writing, in relation to the festivals three themes:

  • Transnational Communities
  • Artistic Social Responsibility
  • Participation and Intervention

As part of this programme there will be a Live Review on the 7th June, in which Open Dialogues will bring together curators, critics and academics with the New Life Berlin artists to discuss the role of critical writing in relationship to contemporary artistic practice.  Debate will be centered around these central questions:

  • What is the role of criticism in relation to contemporary socially engaged practice?
  • How can criticism respond to art that is Open Source or participatory in remit, outcome and agenda?
  • How can criticism acknowledge its relationship to its subject as well as its independence from it?
  • Is invited criticism still critical?


Acting as showcase and workshop for New Life Berlin and Open Dialogues' methodology, the Live Review will be a roundtable discussion that invites responses, interventions and participation in a variety of formats. 


Martin Rosengaard and Sixten Kai Nielsen /  Wooloo Productions
Tatjana Fell and Lisa Glauer  / arttransponder  Berlin
Doreen Mende / General Public
A Representative / 30 Days of New Life Berlin
Open Dialogues writers and New Life Berlin artists

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