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Since studying sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts at Karlsruhe, Patricia Waller has consistently been working at her crocheted objects with underlying meanings. Whether they are human organs or limbs          preserved in glass containers, small and pathetic monsters connected with cables on skewers, aliens, meals on plates, settees, systems to collect urine, artificial limbs of all kinds, edelweiss embroidered industrial robots or knitted walls of monitors with videogames and interference on pictures – always highly explosive issues are disguised as homely and superficial seeming tranquil harmlessness. Our traditional ways of seeing are being outwitted by virtue of the sheer disproportionality of material and object. The subtle message will only be perceived at second sight: for the time being, through loving handicraft work, the edge is taken away. However, it comes back at the latest when the viewer takes on the issues raised in the work.



Patricia Waller was born 1962 in Santiago/Chile – she came to Germany in 1968. From 1983 until 1985 she studied at the Freie Kunstschule in Nürtingen. 1985 she began her studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and finished them in 1990 with a degree as a Master student. This was followed by scholarships in Gent, Chicago and Paris as well as teaching at Pforzheim and Cologne. Patricia Waller lives and works as an artist in Karlsruhe.

Solo Exhibitions (Selections)

2007 Crossing Wonderland Gallery Deschler, Berlin
2005 nightmares  Gallery Deschler, Berlin
 –žKunst-Genuss–œ  Gallery Pro Arte, Freiburg (with Horst Sobotta)
 Art Delights, Ego-Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2004 ZOOM  Gallery Haus Schneider, Ettlingen (with Susanne Ackermann)
 Seemannsgarn  Gallery Tobias Schrade, Ulm
 Atelier 340 / Muzeum, Bruxelles, Belgium
2003 Needleworks  Kunstforum Rheinhessen, Essenheimer Kunstverein, Essenheim
 Seemannsgarn  Gallery Marcus Schmitz, Cologne
2002 handmade  Galeria Metropolitana, Barcelona, Spain
Tatort Museum  Gallery Deschler, Berlin
Mahlzeit  Burgmuseum der Stadt Horn-Bad Meinberg
 skin  Kabinett im Stadtmuseum, Jena
handmade  EnBW Energie AG, Sonycenter, Berlin

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2006 Auf leisen Pfoten – Die Katze in der Kunst Municipal Gallery Karlsruhe (K)
Spiel mit Technik Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin (K)
Winter Setting Gallery Deschler, Berlin
Reiz und Risiko Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf/Switzerland (K)
art Karlsruhe
 fine art Cologne
 THIS BALL IS SQUARE – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Fußball Gallery Deschler, Berlin
2005 10 Jahre – Künstler der Galerie Gallery Deschler, Berlin
Maus-Haus, Tokyo, Japan, im Rahmen des deutschen Jahres
Roboter Opelvillen Rüsselsheim
 Petits fours, Comme çi, comme ça,II, Cologne
 Reflexionen Art Center Berlin
 219 km Berlin – Rostock Kunsthalle Rostock
art Cologne
art Karlsruhe
 curious  Gallery Deschler, Berlin
2004 Natur ganz Kunst  Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (K)
 All About...  Skulptur, Whitebox in der Kultfabrik, Munich
 Idylle  Galerie Tobias Schrade, Ulm
 Grenzüberschreitung  Kunstverein Ellwangen (K)
Kunst-Genuss  Akademie of the Diözese Rottenburg - Stuttgart, Weingarten
 Gute Fahrt! Kunst auf vier Rädern  8. Rischart-Projekt, Munich (K)
 5x5  Skulptur am Pfefferberg Haus 2, Berlin
 An der Nadel  Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden
Erst kommt das Fressen und dann kommt die Moral Gallery of the Hochschule für Grafik und  Buchkunst, Leipzig
2003 Retour de Paris   EnBW , Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand, Karlsruhe (K)
 Boxenstop   Städtische Museen Heilbronn, Südstudio
 Heroes  Gallery Reiner Wehr, Stuttgart
 Beziehungsweisen  E-Werk, Hallen für Kunst, Freiburg (K)
 curious  Gallery Deschler, Berlin
Imbissbuden – Essen ohne Grenzen   Freilichtmuseum Domäne Dahlem, Berlin
 Left hand, right hand  798 Space, Peking, China (K)
5 x 5 Skulptur in Berlin   Pfefferberg Haus 2, Berlin
2002 Karlsruhe-Leipzig 1:1  Kunstraum B/2, Leipzig
 Smullen von Kunst  Gemeentemuseum, Helmond, NL
kleinskulptur  Gallery Rhenus, Köln
Schwarzwaldhochstrasse  Contemporary art in Baden-Württemberg,
 Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (K)
Kunstfreitag  Art in the underground carpark, Friedrichshafen
Experimentelle 12  Castle Randegg
Mit vollem Munde spricht man nicht  Municipal Gallery Kiel
Kunsthappen  Gallery at the Kunsthaus, Erfurt