Born in Izmir, Turkey. Lives in Istanbul.Studied musicology and fine art


Solo Exhibitons (selection)

2003 RUH HALLERI UZERINE,Nev Gallery,Istanbul
2003 –home sweet home– Roxy,Istanbul


Exhibitons (2006-2004 Selection)

2007  Istanbul Bienial

2006  Postcards Stockholm-Istanbul, Botkyrka Kunsthalle


(In-)Security cur:Sabine Winkler,The Badische Kunstverein,Karlsruhe
          the BALKAN ART Triennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art , cur: Svetlana     Mladenov, Sava Stepanov, The GOLDEN EYE Centre for Visual Culture ,Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
Kunst oder Konigin,cur :Danielle de Piciotto,Arena,Berlin

Ocu ,Neurotitan,Berlin
Loosing Control , cur:Galit Elat,Basak Senova,Eyal danon
EGNASIA collaborated with STALKER -Iacopo Gallico, cur:Marina Fokidis Yeni     Cami, Thesaloniki,Greece,
TELE-CITY, Siemens Art, Istanbul,cur:Marcus Graf,Basak Senova
POINT OF VIEW cur :Judith Nothnagel Fournos
Center for the Art and New Technology, Athens, Greece,
Museum Wesel, Lower Rhine, Germany,
Gallery Noass, Art and Culture Project Noass, Riga, Latvia,
Audiovisual Festival zemos98 in cooperation with Endanza, Sevilla, Spain
Contemporary Art Museum ex-manifattura tabacchi, Pescara, Italy

2004 BALKAN BIENNIAL-COSMOPOLIS Macedonia Museum of Contemporary Art,Theseloniki,Greece,cur:Magda Carneci
Book Trieannale,Lille, France
THE IDEAL, Center for Contemporary Art ,Plovdiv,Bulgaria,cur:Emil Mirazciev
PERSONAL CINEMA ,Novi Sad , Serbia& Montenegro,cur: Ilias Marmaras
Ctrl-alt-delete ,Babylone,Istanbul,cur :Basak Senova, Eyal Danon


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