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Video / Installation / Sound / Performance / Photography

Publication of the exhibition of the same title (12.03.10 - 10.04.10)

13 artists –œin transit– from Canada, the USA, Greece, Chile, Mexico, P.R. China and Germany from the postgraduate program Public Arts and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus University will exhibit work based on the idea of memory and the dissolution of the White Cube. The White Cube can be considered a monumentalized term from a globalized Eurocentric perspective on contemporary art. As public artists, the participants have explored the elasticity of the term's edges, testing for abstract potential, flexibility, and mobility.

LET´S_Seçil Yaylalı

Workshops / Exhibtion / Presentation

Documentation of the correspondent project.
DVD, engl., 6 €.

The exhibition LetS shows reflections, processes and results of different clay animation workshops with young people in Istanbul /Sulukule, Alexandria /El-Max, Berlin /Kreuzberg and Barcelona /El-Born. (05.02.10 - 13.02.10)
The project Let'S has been based on collective production, solidarity
building and self awareness through the process itself.
The end product - a clay animation - is an element to combine all
- the participating youth, artists and social workers. more


Exhibition / Performance / Talks / Panel Discussion / Filmscreening

Publication of the correspondent exhibition (January 8, 9, 28 and 30 2010)

engl., col., 40 pages, 6€

 A project by Rajkamal Kahlon together with graduates of the California College of the Arts, San Francisco:

Zina Al-Shukri l Maggie Haas l Patrick Hillman l Brigid Mason l Maja Ruznic l Raphael Noz l Alice Warnecke and Rajkamal Kahlon more

Gesetze der Serie. Der Fall Brunnenstraße Nr.151_123 COMICS

Participative Project / Workshops / Exhibition / Lecture / Panel Discussion

Publication of the correspondent Project (21.11.09 - 18.12.09)


ger., black/white, Comic , 4€ more

arttransponder Annual Report 2008

ger./engl., col., 56 pages, 8€

Is this a Good Day to Start a War_Sharon Paz


Publication of the correspondent project (11.09. - 08.10.2009)
Text by Dörte Ilsabé Dennemann

ger./engl., col., 24 pages, 8 €

Sharon Paz' work combines video and wall installations, dealing with the human needs to destroy and fight. Her images are made up of flat pictures, silhouettes of generic people and a landscape, taken out of their historical context, placed in layered but flat surroundings.

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THE FAT ARCHIVE._Sofia Bempeza/Anja Sommer et al.


Publication of the corresponding project (10.07. - 8.8.2009)

Texts by Sofia Bempeza, Steffen Krüger, Anja Sommer, Can Sungu in cooperation with Wolf Lindstrot. Editor: Wolfgang Knapp.

ger., col., 48 pages, 8 €

THE FAT ARCHIVE is an exhibition project by the interdisciplinary research group "preventive self", that has been collaborating for two years with scientists from various disciplines, such as ethnology, medicine and psychology, as well as artists concerning the theme of obesity/ cardiovascular illnesses, in relation to the preventive self – foresighted, problem focussed and self dependent way of life.THE FAT ARCHIVE. Joy is Fat presents the multitude of artistic and scientific imagery collected throughout the research phase. Thereby, the mostly text based scientific research will be expanded. Artistic work on view in the research archive presents a broad discourse and invites to participation and commentary. more


Raumprothesen_Mario Asef


Publication of the correspondent project (5.6. - 4.7. 2009)

Texts by Mario Asef, Fiona Mc Govern, Susanne Köhler

ger./engl., col., 50 pages, 8 €

The public space is characterized by its dynamic and continuous changing appearance.
These changes often leave traces and building remnants with past/antiquated functions,and now have become external relicts that are not included into new building planning. Remains which, used in unintended ways,become a seating (–œhang-out–) or meeting point for youth from all social classes.
In this project these non categorized elements of the public space will be signified as –œRaumprothesen– (space protheses) and hereby declared worthy to design.

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Homestories II_Inken Reinert/Ania Corcilius/Inga Zimprich/Janine Sack


Publication of the corresponding project (Newspaper / size DinA3)

ger./engl., black-pink, 16 pages, 4 €

HOMESTORIES invited German and Ukrainian artists, architects and curators to present and discuss their impressions, critique, their ideas, hopes and visions about the notion of home as the interface between the private and the public. Key issues were the privatisation of public housing, gentrification processes and forms of resistance. more

Places of retreat_adapter


Publication of the project of the same title (Jan. 9 - Feb.8 2009)
A project by ADAPTER
Texts by Sybille Hotz, Nicole Schuck and Anne Kathrin Stork.

ger./engl., col., 20 pages, 5 €

Nowadays people are expected to be far more flexible and mobile in their day-to-day activities than in earlier generations. Prompted by changing social structures and working conditions in a globalized economy, increasingly often humans are on the move. Their relationship to their own space or home, which traditionally offered a possibility for retreat, is no longer secure. So how can places of retreat be created in a meaningful form which reflects the circumstances and demands of our time? For the 'places of retreat' project, ADAPTER invited senior citizens and zoologists to collaborate...
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Corporate Social Values_Reinigungsgesellschaft


Publication of the correspondent exhibition (29.8. - 26.9.2008)

ger./engl.; col., 46 pages, 12 €

The project 'Corporate Social Values' explores the relationship between consumer protection, corporations and consumers from an artistic point of view.  sthetik des Testens widmet.The project takes as its artistic theme the interconnectivity between the ethics of the consumer goods and the aesthetic of testing. more

Jellibelly Ego Stroking Device_Lisa Glauer/Käthe Wenzel u.a.


Publication of the project "Jellibelly Ego Stroking Device" / Bauchpinselmaschinenservice" (30.05. - 27.06.2008)

Texts by Lisa Glauer and Käthe Wenzel.

Ger./Engl, col. 44 pages, 8 €; ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-86664-512-5

The 'Jellibelly Ego Stroking Device' makes dependent relationships visible and tickles forth opinions regarding social mood. As a "Kunstaktion" it directs the gaze towards the difficult and sometimes absurd situation of many people looking for a job or who are working under precarious conditions.

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The Located Desire_Zuzanna Skiba


Publication of the correspondent exhibition

ger./engl., col., 19 pages, 8 €
ISBN: 978-3-86664-395-6

Who needs orientation will become a draughtsman. The orientation will be fulfilled by a drawing, which could be real or virtual. As a map it must be retrievable, so that the own standpoint face to face a concrete foreign terrain becomes apparent. Whether the drawing is real or virtual is not essential. In both cases one can speak of a mental cartography. more



Community Design_An Architektur/Mathias Heyden


Publications of the correspondent project in the magazine AN ARCHITEKTUR, N°19-21, 2008

engl., 3 issues

Design Assistance, Community Building, Hands-On Experience, Social Equity Planning, Self-Help Housing. The radical democratic context of the US Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s inspired advocacy planners to politicize the field of architecture by working for groups in society who were previously excluded from planning processes. more

Overwriting_Undersigning_Sandra Contreras


Publication of the correspondent exhibition (23.2. - 21.3.2008)

Texts by Lisa Glauer, Sandra Contreras, Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Angélica Chio, Alex Dorfsman, Erik Meyenberg, Antonio Gonzalez Paucar.

ger./span., col., 16 pages, 5 €

Unpending existing conceptions of art, creativity, cultural difference and naturalness, six artists from Peru and Mexiko play with the signs of Berlin's urbanity. Advertisement posters, professional publications, emblems and traffic signals - cities, geographic places and numbers are visual texts or discourses, that carry cultural meaning within a globalized framework.

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Finite Repetition_Nicole Degenhardt/Stine Gonsholt/Berit Hummel


Publication of the exhibition of the same title (19.1. - 16.2.2008)

Text: Nicole Degenhardt

engl., col., 16 pages, 5 €

Repetition is the common artistic approach which runs through the artistic profiles of all three artists. Repetition involves channeling the observer's gaze, reducing the importance of the individual, the formation of a structure, as  well as the possibility of an analysis in which deviations are also conceivable. We can treat 'Finite Repetition' as a series of linear processes, as a temporal repetition bridging the gap between past and present, as a spatial repetition and choreography; or as reproduction, as in naturalist drawing with its deviations from reality or in in the reproduction of the same motif over and over again in digital reproduction. more


Missing Link_Käthe Wenzel / Lisa Glauer / Tatjana Fell


Publication of the correspondent project (Jun.- Sept. 2005)
Ed.: Tatjana Fell, Lisa Glauer, Käthe Wenzel

ger./engl., col., 208 pages, 20 €

Mensch & Buch Verlag Berlin, ISBN: 3-86664-358-6-978-3-86664-3581

Arts and natural science are often seen as opposites. While the precise sciences function as source of measurable truths beyond doubt, the arts are seen as an emotional/moral counterpoint. Essays and interviews deal with the public understanding of art and sciences, focus on existing or missing links and interfaces and reflect the production of images by artists and scientists. more

arttransponder Annual Report 2007

Ed.: Tatjana Fell, Lisa Glauer, Carsten Horn
Texts by Nina Lundström, Darija Kosik, Johnannes Burr, Renata Brink, David Waite

ger./engl., col., 40 pages, 8 €, ISBN: 978-3-86664-488-5

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Hard to Die_Selda Asal


Publication of the correspondent project (16.11. - 15.12.2007 )

turk./engl., col., 44 pages, 5 €

"hard to die" is Selda Asal's 5th video work within a project complex she began in 2004 called RESTORE HOPE. Asal#s examinations focus on breakage points within a concept forming as a rule, vision and mainspring for continous human (inter-)action. "Hard to die" was developed in collaboration with Turkish and Kurdish women threatened by so called honour killings, which forced them to flee from their families.
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Textile Transporter_Renata Brink/Caryn Simonson

Die von Caryn Simonson und Renata Brink erstellte Publikation reflektiert in Text und Bild thematische Hintergründe und Entstehungsprozesse der gleichnamigen Ausstellung, die im Juni 2007 im arttransponder Projektraum statt fand.

mit Textbeiträgen von Caryn Simonson/Renata Brink und Dr. Catherine Harper

dt/en, Farbe, 32 Seiten, 8 EUR, ISBN: 978-300-022304-4

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Totale Partizipation_RADIKALE ENTSPANNUNG_Caroline Lund/Christine Woditschka


Publikation zur gleichnamigen Projekt zur Selbstprekarisierung von KulturproduzentInnen

Texte und Beiträge von Rémi Marie, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Caroline Lund, Angela Köntje, Peter Frey, Halina Kliem, Matthias Klos, Susanne Schulz, Maya Schweizer, Katharina Gruzei, Ingrid Hölzl, Isabell Lorey, Markus Freidl, Christine Woditschka, Tere Recarens, Nana Heidenreich

dt, Farbe, 30 Seiten, 8 EUR,
ISBN-Nr.: 3-86664-329-2
ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-86664-329-1

Totale Partizipation in beinahe allen Bereichen des Lebens? Selbstökonomisierung? Verknüpfung von Freundschaft und Arbeit? Ständiges Netzwerken? Mobilität und Flexibilität? Kreativität? Und wie verhält sich dazu die unstillbare Sehnsucht nach Entspannung? ... mehr



Auf dem Boden der Zeit_Tatjana Fell/Nina Lundström


Publikation zum gleichnamigen Projekt

dt/en, Farbe, 51 Seiten, 12 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-86664-460-1

Reflektive Publikation zum gleichnamigen partizipatorischen Projekt und der Ausstellung mit Texten von Nicole Degenhardt, Lisa Glauer, Vlad Morariu und einem Interview von Olaf Pfeifer. ... mehr


Irgendwann ist Schluß mit lustig! - Nanna Lüth/Wiebke Trunk


Publikation zum gleichnamigen Projekt (7.10.-9.11.2007)

mit Beiträgen von Esky Bail, Hella Böhm, Adrienne Braun, Sophie Eliot, Carsten Horn, Ins A Kromminga, Christine Lohr, Barbara Loreck, Andrea Lühmann, Nanna Lüth, Doris Mosbach, Jeanine Oleson, Verena Rodatus, Wiebke Trunk, Marie Vermeiren, Waltraud M. Weiland, Frank Werner

dt, schwarz-weiß, 48 Seiten, 5 €

Das Projekt "Irgendwann ist Schluß mit lustig!" antwortet auf (hetero)sexistische, xenophobe und andere diskrimierende Tendenzen in aktuellen Werbebildern. Neben der Präsentation altbekannter herabsetzender Klischees sind die visuelle Ausbeutung und Vermarktung des vermeintlich normal gewordenen "Anderen" alltäglich geworden. Ausgangspunkt der Gruppenausstellung war eine Kampagne, die 2006 öffentlich als rassistisch und sexistisch kritisiert worden war. ... mehr

arttransponder Jahresberichte 2005/2006

Flying Buildings_Käthe Wenzel

Dokumentation des gleichnamigen partizipatorischen Kunstprojektes von Käthe Wenzel. Bereichert durch eindrucksvolle Fotografien und Textbeiträge der internationalen TeilnehmerInnen. ... mehr

dt/en, Farbe, 18 Seiten, 7 EUR

Der Blick - The View

Publikation zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung

dt/en, Farbe, 9 EUR


Auf sechs individuellen Faltblättern sind mit Textbeiträgen und Fotografien die einzelnen künstlerischen Positionen von Mariel Poppe, Zuzanna Skiba, Sigrun Drapatz, Maisae Alabdallah-Sörensen, Héktor Velásquez Gutiérrez und Lise-Lotte Elley zum Thema "der Blick" einzusehen. ... mehr



Hannah Arendt Denkraum_Ellen Kolbe/Livia Wendt/Käthe Wenzel/Anna Zosik


mit Beiträgen von Ellen Kolbe, Livia Wendt, Käthe Wenzel, Anna Zosik

dt, schwarz-weiß, 30 Seiten, 5 EUR

Die Dokumentation der Vermittlung der Ausstellung Hannah-Arendt-Denkraum in der Jüdischen Mädchenschule in Berlin-Mitte stellt die –žDenkwerkstatt–œ vor, die als Besucherraum/Vermittlungsraum für die Ausstellung konzipiert wurde. Darüberhinaus zeigt sie verschiedene Führungskonzepte und Führungserfahrungen der Vermittlerinnen. ... mehr

Postproduction Dialog

Postproduction Dialog ist eine Reflexion in Buchform zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung im November 2004.

Vor dem Hintergrund von Nicolas Bouriauds "postproduction" in der aktuellen Kunst reflektieren die Künstlerinnen Tamara Albaitis, Constanze Eckert, Tatjana Fell, Lisa Glauer, Raj Kamal Kahlon, Miru Kim, Millette Tapiador und Anna Zosik in vielschichtigen Textbeiträgen ihre persönlichen Haltungen und Herangehensweisen zum Ausstellungsthema und zu der eigenen, realisierten Arbeit.

Mit einem Vorwort von Eva M. Sturm: "Untersuchungen zu dem, was Kunst vermag", 2005

Print 2006, dt/en, Farbe, 128 Seiten, 16 EUR, ISBN Nr.: 978-3-8664-192-1

Erhältlich bei arttransponder oder direkt bei Mensch und Buchverlag, Berlin_Nordendstr. 75, 13156 Berlin:

... mehr